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Lace It Lace Wig komplt. Starterset


Das Lace It Starterset incl. Anleitung Klebestreifen und diverser Pflegeartikel

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Lace It EZ Lace Wig Bond and Removal System kit For that natural Hairline Water-Resistant Skin Safe Non-Toxic Fragrance-free Complete change in 15 minutes. Free DVD inside EZ Lace-Wig Bond and Removal System Easy Step by Step Video and Print Instructions Enjoy the same luxurious beautiful hair that celebrities wear with this easy do it yourself solution. Finally, everything you need to secure your Lace Front Wig in on e kit. COmplete with simple and easy to read instructions. Kamelian Lace-it products focus on "CHANGE" without risk. Experience Lace-it by Kamelian... Embrace Change! CONTAINS: 1) Lace-it Deep CLeansing Hair and Scalp Shampoo .67 fl. oz. (19ml) 2) Lace-it Detangling Shampoo .67 fl. oz (19ml) 3) Lace-it Deep Conditioner with Moroccan Oil .67 fl. oz (19ml) 4) Lace-it Moisturizing Sculpting lotion .67 fl. oz. (19ml) 5) Lace-it Skin Protector and Cleanser 1.3 fl. oz (38ml) 6) Lace-it Skin Safe Bonder .5fl. oz. (15ml) 7) Lace-it Double Sided Adhesive Tape 8) UnLace-it Wig Release 2 fl. oz. (60ml) 9) Unlace-it 2-n-1 Citrus Oil Tape and Residue Remover 2fl. oz. (60ml) 1. LACE-IT DEEP CLEANSING HAIR & SCALP SHAMPOO Lace-it Deep Cleansing hair & scalp shampoo is the first step that should be taken before applying and after the removal of the lace wig. This gentle effective clarifying shampoo removes dirt, oil build-up, and residue from teh hairline while gently cleansing your hair. Do NOT use ont he lace wig. Use kamelian lace-it detangling shampoo to maintain the integrity of the lace wig. Directions: Wet hair thoroughly. Massage a small amount to hair and scalp. Rinse well. Repeat if necessary. Proceed to step 2. 2. LACE-IT BY KAMELIAN DETANGLING SHAMPOO Lace-It by kamelian detangling shampoo restores moisture and softens the hair. It is recommended to be used on your hair and human hairpieces only. this gentle shampoo will assist in maintaining your hair and hairpiece vibrancy and keep it from being tangled and matted. Conditions and coats the hair strands, so that the hairpiece will last longer. Synthetic pieces should be cleaned based on the manufacturers care directions. Directions: After using lace-it kamelian deep cleansing hair & scalp shampoo, gently massage lace-it kamelian detangling shampoo to the hair and scalp. Rinse out thoroughly and towel blot hair. proceed to step 3. 3. LACE-IT BY KAMELIAN DEEP CONDITONING WITH MOROCCAN OIL: Lace-It kamelian deep conditioner with moroccan oil should be used after rinsing the Lace-It by kamelian detangling shampoo. This deep conditioner prevents breakage by replenishing optimum moisture to the hair. It puts a protective coat on teh hair strands that penetrates tot he cuticle shaft. This process strengthens the hair while you are wearing your hairpiece. Use as an instant conditioner for human hair pieces by applying and combing through gently. Rinse thoroughly and let the piece dry naturally or under a dryer. Directions: After shampooing towel blot excess water. Massage conditioner into the hair and concentrate on the ends and other damaged areas. Comb through with a wide-tooth comb. Leave on the ahir for 5 minutes and rinse thoroughly. for a deep conditioning, apply a small amount of the deep conditioner with moroccan oil. Put on a plastic cap for 15 mnutes under the dryer and rinse. Towel blot hair. You have now completed step 1-3 of the before treatment. Now you can proceed to step 4- the hair preparati.
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Lace It Lace Wig komplt. Starterset